Caminha da Costa

What a day to go running! This video is of a half marathon run that I did down the Atlantic coast of the very north of Portugal along a portion of the coastal Camino Portuguese pilgrim route. I started in Caminha by the Minho River, which also acts as the border between Portugal and Spain, before working my way down the oceanside pathways and beaches to the village of Carreço, where I was staying at the Albergue Casa do Sardão. Along the way, I popped in to the main oceanside towns of Praia do Camarido, Praia do Moledo, Vila Praia de Âncora, and Praia da Duna do Caldeirão. I also had a few moments to briefly explore two very old fortresses, Forte do Cão and Forte de Paçô, as well as the Montedor Lighthouse right at the end as I arrived at my destination.

I hope you enjoy this run, which was certainly one of the best I’d ever done, at least in terms of the ambience of the sun, sea and general good vibes of the people I interacted with along the way.

Be blessed,

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