The Mouth of God

This is a video of a 15km run from my ‘Runography’ series, from my starting point in my home-away-from-home, the city of Caldas da Rainha, through some farmlands and forest trails, to an absolutely stunning destination on the Atlantic coast, a spot I now personally call the ‘Mouth of God’.

Life force vibrating.

Medulla Oblongata,

through it flows your love.

The Mouth of God | Jyri Manninen

This very special place is the narrow inlet to the bay of São Martinho do Porto, a popular tourist town located between Foz do Arelho, at the mouth of the Lagoa de Óbidos, in the south, and Nazaré, the home of European big wave surfing, in the north. Please enjoy the amazing views, including from the top of the massive sand dunes at the start of the Rio Tornado; and I also hope you enjoy the haiku poem (also narrated in the video), which I wrote as a dedication to this unforgettable experience.

Be blessed,


The ‘Mouth of God’.

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