Hungry Bird

Throughout the ages, we have collectively eulogized the great thinkers of the world — but thinking too much is not something to aspire to, as it can lead to severe paralysis of the mind and, as a consequence, even deep depression.

When you‘re (very) hungry, your only thought is of your next meal. You have no reason or desire to entertain the 1001 usual thoughts about your life’s problems, all of which usually whirl around in your brain like a violent storm during your waking (and often even your sleeping) moments. When your eyes of focus become single, your life becomes simple. Then you can experience the magical wonder and simple joy that makes life worth living.

Don’t be an angry bird, be a hungry one!

Jyri Manninen

So, what is the point of all this? Always stay hungry (at least a little), just like the baby bird, which has its whole life ahead if it, and has not yet already been poisoned by the assumptions, prejudices or fears of the world into which it is entering. It only possesses a desire to fly and explore — and hence it already has everything it will ever need to be happy.

Be blessed.

P.S. The main setting for this video is the historic fortress Island group of Suomenlinna, which is situated just off the coast of Helsinki. In particular, the location is ‘Länsimustasaari’, where I lived with my mother and grandmother for the first 6 years of my life.

Chill Caldas Urban Trail

This time it’s slow-as-you-go 6km urban trail run around my home away from home, the city of Caldas da Rainha, which is located about 90km north of Lisbon; and while it was just a super short one, there was still a nice bit of climbing, as I had to first ascend the long hill passed the hospital up to the start of the trails near the Crocha neighbourhood.

From there, I gradually meandered my way back down to my destination, the city’s splendid central park, Parque Dom Carlos I, via a series of tree covered trail tunnels and forest paths; and as the rumour goes, I may have then enjoyed a beer or five there at the park’s café.

I hope you enjoyed this chill, slo-mo run of urban trail exploration with me. Be blessed.


A Sweet Sunday Stroll

A sweet Sunday stroll from Caldas da Rainha to the popular tourist town of São Martinho do Porto on Portugal’s Silver Coast. Initially, as I left town, I followed some of the Camino Portuguese markers to Campo, after which I followed the trail track and trails to Salir do Porto.

After crossing the Rio Tornado, I headed to São Martinho do Porto’s long crescent shape beach for the run into the centre, and then on to my final destination, the train station bar (my favourite post-run watering hole!), where I enjoyed a couple of iced cold cervejas (Sagres of course!)

Thanks for coming along on this latest run with me, and be blessed,