Camino Portuguese: Day 7

The final day is here! On this 7th day, I would be arriving at my destination in Santiago de Compostela. It would be a relatively short stage of just 27km, but this time I would be walking in relentless rain the entire time. However, it didn’t bother me in the slightest! In fact, it actually added to the depth of the thoughts and emotions that seemed to rise to the surface, and which would gift me with the lessons I would need to move on with my life, after having it very painfully turned on its head a year earlier.

As I made my way down the final laneways, forest paths and, finally, the streets of Santiago de Compostela to reach the famous cathedral, the end point of essentially all the caminos (except for the Camino Finisterre), I tried my best to simply flow with my feelings in solitude, although I had a few opportunities to exchange understanding glances with other pilgrims, who were also completing their journeys, as well as a few words and smiles with at a local café with a few Galicians during my (extremely enjoyable!), final camino cerveja and snack break.

For my final words to seal off this pilgrimage, this personal journey of self-discovery and healing, I would quote the words from my favourite band as a teenager, but the meaning of which only now I can fully understand and appreciate.

Upon us all, a little rain must fall.

‘The Rain Song’ – Led Zeppelin

The meaning of our lives are often defined by the meanings of our problems. When you understand that none of us can avoid the various trials and tribulations of life, then learning to love the ‘rain’ will make all the difference in learning to understand and accept all that which we are required to face in exchange for the supremely precious gift of conscious existence and awareness.

Be blessed.


More about the camino:

The Camino Portuguese de Santiago, or Portuguese Way, is a Christian pilgrimage trail of about 245km that starts at the cathedral in Porto, Portugal and ends at its architectural namesake in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but it isn’t just for the dogmatically inclined. It’s also traversed by people of all backgrounds and for all kinds of different reasons, though commonly in connection with personal growth However, regardless of the multitude of possible personal life or spiritual perspectives, it’s also simply an absolutely magnificent and interesting, scenic week-long walk!

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