Camino Portuguese: Day 2

This is day 2 (of 7) of that journey (which I did around Easter time back in 2017).

It was a (thankfully!) shorter stage than the opening day, yet still a solid hike of 28km from Rates to the small village of Portela de Tamel, where I arrived mid afternoon. One of the key highlights of the day was crossing over the Rio Cávado, followed by the casual stroll down the main pedestrian avenue of Barcelos. Otherwise, I was just absorbed in the amazing, serene countryside with it’s meandering dirt paths, often lined by old stone fences.

Be blessed.

About the Camino Portuguese:

The Camino Portuguese de Santiago, or Portuguese Way, is a Christian pilgrimage trail of about 245km that starts at the cathedral in Porto, Portugal and ends at its architectural namesake in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but it isn’t just for the dogmatically inclined. It’s also traversed by people of all backgrounds and for all kinds of different reasons, though commonly in connection with personal growth However, regardless of the multitude of possible personal life or spiritual perspectives, it’s also simply an absolutely magnificent and interesting, scenic week long walk!

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