Van Life on the Run – the Introduction

This is the beginning of my Van Life on the Run project. As I get started, I have no definitive idea where it’s all going to go, or for how long. However, I am approaching this new project with an open mind and a strong curiosity to simply get out there and see what I can see, and to share those experiences with you. Please enjoy this initial Van Life on the Run video where I introduce my old, new home on wheels, a 1997 VW Transporter Caravelle. 

I hope that you’ll come along with me on this journey, and support my efforts. The best way that you can do that is to simply subscribe to my Life on the Run YouTube channel, and, of course, to view, like and share the active lifestyle videos on it, be they about these new vanlife adventures, my long distance cycling, camino and running exploration videos, or any other more random ones that I might occasionally throw into the mix. Thanks, and I’ll catch you again in the next one.


P.S. If you’re interested, you can find out some more details about the Murole Canal, where this video was shot, via the following link:

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