Mountain Goat

I love to run over trails, especially when they take me into the mountains. Come and join me for this 19.6km trail run, including 495m of vertical climb, over the mountain behind Carreço, Portugal, which is located just some 20km from the border with Spain.

At the summit, I came across the source of the Rio Afife, a mountain top reservoir lake. Unlike the wet, cloud covered run the first time I run in the trails here (and of which I have a separate video here), the weather this time around was clear and sunny, and so much better views in all directions, even as far as the Minho River at the border with Spain! The descent was also pretty cool as I got to run through covered forest pathways, as well as some small mountain side villages before reaching sea level again.

The entire loop started and finished at Casa do Sardão, an amazing hostel that caters for Camino Portuguese pilgrims taking the coastal route. I hope you enjoy this run, and that it also inspires you to get out there and do some exploring of this amazing world around us.

Cheers, Jyri

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